Frequent asked questions
  • General

    1. Is there a cost for Proof-Link?
      1. Proof-Link is a free service. We may offer paid options in the future but the free service will always remain free – forever.
    2. What’s the difference between Proof-Link and me just taking a screenshot?
      1. A screenshot can be manipulated and questioned, but Proof-Link cannot. When you capture a page with Proof-Link, you get
        1. An image of the URL
        2. The date and time of capture
        3. The IP of the server hosting the site
        4. Guaranteed proof that the image you captures was not manipulated in any way
        5. Free hosting of all the above forever!
    3. Can I download the image captured by Proof-Link?
      1. Yes, you can download the image, and it also remains available online forever.
    4. How does Proof-Link work?
      1. It’s amazingly simple. Just put in the URL you want to capture and Proof-Link does the rest. When the process if finished, just copy the provided information so you can reference your proof anytime you need in the future.
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